Updated Customer Websites to Ghost v5.75.1

Last updated: 04 December 2023

We have updated all customer website to Ghost v5.75.1 today. You can read about changes in Ghost's official release:

Release 5.75.1 · TryGhost/Ghost
🐛 Fixed deleting members with email disabled (#19222) - Simon Backx View the changelog for full details: v5.75.0...v5.75.1 💻 We’re looking for DevOps engineers to join Ghost: https://careers.ghos…

Built by Magic Pages customers

Magic Pages is proud to have helped so many amazing publications come to life. Here is a small selection of what our customers built on Magic Pages.

office laptop working

Ellie Mathieson

Digital Storefront
Google HQ

Big Idea Bible

Personal Blog
office laptops

Christine Trac