Updated Customer Portal to v1.1.0

Last updated: 09 December 2023

We have updated the Magic Pages customer portal to v1.1.0. The changes implemented are the following:

  • 🐛 fixed bugs in trial implementation
  • 🐛 fixed visual bug during logout
  • ✨ added DKIM and SPF DNS records in custom domain setup
  • 🎨 changed pricing of custom theme and website development
  • 🎨 refactored dashboard and authentication implementation for better performance
  • 🎨 refactored backend API implementation
  • ❌ removed shadow from navigation bar for more modern look
  • ❌ removed exclusive theme file download (since these are now implemented in the native Ghost theme switcher)
  • ❌ removed unnecessary files from earlier versions

Built by Magic Pages customers

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