Transform image CDN to full-site CDN

Last updated: 26 March 2024

A few days ago, a Magic Pages user has informed me about an issue with image resizing. For context: Ghost automatically resizes images, if the active theme uses this functionality.

After some investigation, it became clear that the issue stems from the usage of an image content delivery network (CDN) at Magic Pages. Upon uploading an image within a Magic Pages Ghost website, the image gets pushed to an external storage provider. This storage is then replicated in different locations worldwide, making sure that the image can load as quickly as possible from all around the globe.

The issue at hand was that the storage adapter only saves the original image, but not the resized ones. Extending this functionality was done quickly – however, this only led to a new problem: Ghost only produces so-called srcsets when it thinks it serves the image itself. But it doesn't – the external image CDN serves them.

Hence, even when uploading the resized images, Ghost would not serve them responsively. This ultimately means that Ghost's image resizing and the usage of an image content delivery network is fairly impossible.

As a result, the image content delivery network will be replaced by a full-site content delivery network, to ensure that we get the best of both worlds: proper image resizing AND fast response times world-wide.

If you are a Magic Pages customer and want to prioritize the image resizing over the use of the current image content delivery network, please reach out at

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