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Last updated: 12 October 2023

Before we delve deeper, let’s quickly recap what we've accomplished so far. This is part 4 of recreating the Kyiv theme for our Ghost website. We have already taken care of the basic setup, customised the hero section, as well as the features section.

You can find the finished site on the theme's demo website: https://kyiv.magicpages.co/

Now, our next target is the "About" section, an essential element of any website that's focused on personal branding or any form of service or product-based business.

It's this section where readers, clients, or customers get to know the face behind the brand. It's personal, and it tells the story of the person or the brand that runs the website.

When you first set up the Kyiv theme, by default, you'd find a generic container labeled "About the Site", accompanied by some randomly generated text by Ghost and a placeholder for an image. So, let's go ahead and adapt this.

Adapting the About section

To refine this section, head to the "pages" section of your Ghost admin panel. The entire about section is powered by a page with the slug "about" – this page is actually auto-generated by Ghost when you install it, so no need to create it manually in most cases.

  1. Modifying the Title: If you prefer a personal touch, modify the title. Instead of the generic "About the Site", you can opt for something more personal like, "Hi, I'm Olena".
  2. Updating the Image: Right above the title is a space designated for a feature image. By default, this might show as a missing image, and that's because the standard "About" page doesn't come with one. You can upload your image or use the Unsplash plugin integrated with Ghost to select one. For demonstration purposes, we selected a random portrait image, but you should ideally upload a picture of yourself, of course.
  3. Updating the Content: The main content of the about section on the home page comes from the excerpt of your about page. It's a teaser, providing readers a glimpse of what the page or post is about. But let's quickly dive deeper into what an excerpt is and how you can modify it.

What's an Excerpt?

Every Ghost page or post contains a feature called an excerpt. It's a condensed version of your post or page, serving as a teaser. It gives your readers a sneak peek into the content, enticing them to read further.

Ghost takes care of generating the excerpt automatically. However, it simply takes the first couple of words and then cuts them off. Since you want to have full control of your about section, I would recommend you to open the side bar, find the text input field labelled "Excerpt" and write a short excerpt yourself.

This will then be displayed in the about section of your home page. The link on the about section will link to the about page itself – you guessed it. So make sure the content you have there makes sense as well.

One common mistake business owners make: making their about page all about themselves. Plot twist: your about page is all about your customer. Here are some great tips for crafting an effective about page.

Now, head over to the next post in this series: Kyiv Theme: #5 Testimonials Section

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