How We Ensure Your Website's Reliability

Last updated: 06 December 2023

We get it. When you hear "lifetime"-anything, you always think of cost-cutting on all sides. In terms of website hosting, lifetime offerings are also always connected to overcrowded servers. So, we want to take the opportunity to show you how we want to avoid all that to keep your Ghost CMS website running efficiently.

Avoiding Overcrowding

The great thing about Ghost is that it is extremely efficient. Even at peak traffic times, resources are used in a very sustainable way. This makes Magic Pages' job as a Ghost CMS hosting company pretty easy. We just need to make sure we don't overcrowd our servers.

The official Ghost documentation says that an instance of Ghost requires at least 1GB of memory. We have tested this – and it's actually a lot less. Nevertheless, when provisioning our servers, we always make sure that each Ghost website has more than the minimum 1GB of memory available. Overcrowding? Not with us!

Resource Management

Any web server always has a limited amount of resources, be it computing power, memory, or storage. At Magic Pages, we keep all our resource-intensive tasks, such as backups, maintenance runners, or updates, on completely separate servers.

This separation ensures that the performance of our customers' websites is not impacted by these resource-intensive tasks.


All of this only makes sense, of course, if we also have a way of monitoring reliability. We have a separate system set up that checks each customer website regularly and informs us immediately, if there are problems.

We can then jump in and fix any technical issues.

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