One-Time Payment for Ghost CMS Hosting with Magic Pages

Last updated: 06 December 2023

Magic Pages is the only Ghost CMS hosting provider that offers a one-time payment option. This approach eliminates the need for monthly hosting fees, which can rack up to several hundred $ per year.

Lifetime Hosting with a Single Payment

Our lifetime Ghost CMS hosting is possible due to a partnership with a server provider that offers lifetime deals on their servers. This allows us to extend the benefits of this deal to our customers, providing lifetime hosting with a one-time payment​​​​.

Sustainability of Our Offer

The cost for this lifetime hosting service at $349, paid once. We maintain a lean operation with minimal overhead, enabling us to provide this service without recurring charges. We use powerful, second-hand servers, to be as cost-effective as possible, while also ensuring reliability and speed of all our hosted websites​​​​.

Recurring maintenance tasks, such as updating the Ghost CMS instances of our customers, are automated, to further keep the running cost of Magic Pages as low as possible.

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