Daily Backups of Your Ghost CMS Website

Last updated: 06 December 2023

At Magic Pages, we want to make sure that your data is safe, no matter what. We have implemented a robust backup strategy and want to tell you a bit more about it.

Daily Backups

Every day, our system automatically backs up your Ghost website's database and content. This includes all your uploaded images, themes, and other essential data.

Secure Storage

These backups are not stored locally. This wouldn't be a very secure backup. We hope it never happens, but what if our datacenter is flooded? Then we'd lose both your live website AND the backups.

For this reason, we compress your website's backup into an archive and transfer it to a separate server at the Scaleway data center in France. This location is completely separate from our usual server infrastructure. There is no physical connection, therefore creating another layer of security.

Retention Policy

We keep these backups for up to a year in a tiered structure. Our goal is to find a good balance between data accessibility and storage efficiency. The more data we keep, the more expensive it gets. Yet, we still want to be able to provide you with backups, if necessary.

    • Daily Backups: Kept for seven days. These offer a recent snapshot of your website for quick recovery.
    • Weekly Backups: After a week, we retain a weekly backup for up to a month, allowing for broader recovery options.
    • Monthly Backups: After a month, we store a monthly backup for up to a year.

Accessing Backups

Currently, we do not offer an automated process to restore these backups to a live website. However, in case you need access to a backup, please reach out via email or using our live chat.

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