Custom Settings For the Berlin Theme

Last updated: 09 December 2023

The Berlin theme comes with a few custom settings that control certain elements of the theme.

  • Hero Introduction: Set the introductory text for your newsletter on the home page.
  • Hero Image and Hero Image Alt: Customise the main image that your readers will see, as well as its "alt text".
  • Testimonial 1 and Testimonial 2: Add testimonials to your homepage.
  • Testimonial 1 Author and Testimonial 2 Author: Attribute your testimonials.
  • Max Number Of Issues: Set the maximum number of issues to display on the home page.
  • About Title, About Link Text, and About Link URL: Customise the "About" section on the home page. The main text and image can be defined in your home page.
  • CTA Title, CTA Description: Personalise the Call-To-Action section that is displayed in the bottom of every page.

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